Natural Sources Of Nitrogen For Your Garden – Fox 14 Tv Joplin And Pittsburg News Weather Sports |

Her immediate response: Coffee grounds. Coffee Grounds Mom was right. No-cost and readily available, coffee grounds are an excellent way to add nitrogen to your garden. In the process of decomposition, the leavings from your morning cup of java give off nitrogen, together with phosphorus and potassium. Mix the grounds gently into your soil, or add them to the compost pile. In the latter case, make sure that they are fairly dry so they dont interfere with the aerobic quality of your heap.
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RATS! Shocked customer takes video of rodents in popular grocery store | Q13 FOX News


A spokeswoman for the QFC store in Seattles Wallingford neighborhood told Q13 FOX News that nothing is more important than the safety of their food and the cleanliness of their store. They say theyve already taken action. But the customer who took the video says this problem should have never gotten to the point that it did. I was shocked, just completely shocked, said Will Clarke. At first, it was just one rat in the natural food section on the second floor of the store. But after Clarke alerted an employee, he saw more. There were three rats there, but I could hear more, kind of scurrying around under the aisle.
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Mendocino County agricultural commissioner and local nurseries work to contain apple moth – Ukiah Daily Journal

“I think it indicates more of being proactive and taking care of things before there is a bigger problem,” Hill said. Even though the traps are installed at local nurseries already, Morse said he is also implementing a pheromone twist tie, and a safe insecticide spray at the known larval properties. The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment describes in a report the twist tie as two parallel plastic tubes sealed at both ends with one tube filled with a pheromone solution. The pheromone within the tube evaporates, while the other tube contains an aluminum wire to provide balance to the overall device. The sex pheromone inside the device attracts male moths and impairs their ability to find the females which disrupts the breeding cycle, according to the report. “It’s a method that works really well,” Morse said. “After that it’s all about monitoring the situation to see if what we did had a desirable effect.
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